Epoxy Coating: What Does It Mean?

An epoxy coating involves the use of epoxy compounds as paints, and they are known to be of two aspects, that have been mixed before being used. The two parts are usually the epoxy resin that has been linked to the hardener or core actant.
The epoxy coatings are usually created depending on the performance requirements of the end product. If it is catalyzed, as well as applied well, the epoxy, at the end of the day, produces a finish that is resistant to solvent, as well as hard. The epoxy, as well as the hardener aspects that are used,  determine both its suitability and characteristics.

How Are Epoxy Coatings Made?

It is usually made via the creation of the chemical reaction that makes use of both the polyamine hardener, as well as the epoxide resin. If you have both chemicals mixed, it usually leads to the curing process, which occurs for minutes or even hours, before it results in a very sturdy solid from the liquid form of the epoxy coating. This solid usually is very resistant to both chemicals and intense temperature and comes with very strong mechanical features.

As a result of its numerous characteristics, the materials usually offer a lot of perks over those coatings that are classified as one component The epoxy coatings usually get formulated using a great amount of hardener based on the epoxy resin level. The ratio that is used orbits from a product to another.

If you make use of the wrong hardener, it could lead to an over-catalyzed or under-catalyzed product. A lot of epoxy coatings are known to need a particular induction period to ensure that the hardener and the epoxy resin are totally compatibilized. At such higher humidity or lower temperatures, it is said that the induction periods are longer.

For those primers that are water-based, they usually need enough curing before the top is coated.

 If not, there would be discoloration, as well as low gloss. It could even lead to delamination.

A lot of people love epoxy floor coatings because they dry quickly, and are very sturdy. With this protective coating, you are sure that protection is guaranteed. It is not like those traditional powder coatings that are heat-cured, as they are very easy to be applied and which to dry. An epoxy coating can be used in a lot of things like they can ensure steel and concrete are resistant to acids, alkali, and water.

When you use an epoxy coating on your concrete driveway, the driveway will last for a longer time than when traditional powder coating is used or no coating is used at all. A lot of homeowners and contractors opt for the epoxy coating for their driveways. Once you use epoxy coating, you rest assured that the number of times that you will repair your driveway will reduce drastically.

When you coat metal containers with epoxy, you are sure that rusting is prevented. No one likes to use a rusting metal container.

concrete resurfacing

Concrete floor resurfacing – DIY

In your bid to keep your home looking just the way you like it, you may have noticed that your concrete walkway is no longer looking the way it looked a few years back. Perhaps it is now worn out and looking unattractive. No doubt you would be interested in concrete floor resurfacing. One of the things which scare people when it comes to resurfacing is the fear that they would not be able to afford the costs of a professional contractor. However, the good news is that you can do it by yourself. Once you know the basics, you are good to go.

Here are some of the tips which you would need to follow when it comes to concrete floor resurfacing;

Spalled areas

Make sure that the walkway which you are resurfacing is filled with foam which is weather-stripping in nature. If necessary, you should also make sure that the concrete is wet as well. Depending on the resurfacer which you have chosen, it would be best for you to use just half a bag with about five and a half cups filled with water. Once this has been done, it is time to move on to the next part.

Smoothening the surface

Once you have taken all the steps for your concrete floor resurfacing, the next step would be to smoothen it. This can be done with the aid of a trowel. You should also make sure that the weather-stripping which you attach to it is removed. You can do it after the first 20 minutes.

Once you have done this, you should allow it to dry. You should be able to step on it after the first six hours have passed.

Concrete floor resurfacing is not that hard to do. In fact, learning the basics would make it all the more easily to achieve. With this skill at the palm of your hand, you would be able to resurface your concrete anytime you want.

Tips on having a successful Mobile welding Business

Successful Mobile welding Business
Successful Mobile welding Business

There is no doubt that welders are needed around the world today. They are both engaged in residential buildings or even commercial building and property. If you are planning to start a mobile welding business, you would need much more than the necessary things such as a truck and all your welding equipment. You would also probably need to be a welder who has been certified and authorized to practice in a particular jurisdiction. Here are some other things which you would probably need;

The Essentials

Before you decide to go all mobile welding, it is important that you have your finances in good shape. The first thing you would need is a bit of security. Therefore, it is best that you have been able to save cash which would take you for weeks. This is because it might be a while before you actually start to make the big bucks. You should always have your equipment ready. This would most likely include your gas cylinders, a tig welder, respirator helmets and so much more. Try to also ensure that you have your insurance papers by your side. You should also be aware that most customers who work in the industry department would always demand to see your insurance liability papers. Bonus to you if you have that!


Being an entrepreneur means that you are the one in charge of your own business. This also means that you have the responsibility to make it look as professional as you can. Therefore, try to choose a logo which would make you stand out. Also, try to pick out other things such as business cards. This would serve to be a point of contact for any clients who are interested in getting your services. You should also try to treat customers as well as they would probably be your point of referral. Professionalism is very important.

Have a Goal and Give High-quality Service

In order to grow your business and make it as big as you would want, you would need to have a goal in mind as to how far you want to go. Also, you would need to be already providing top-notch services to your customers. It is only when they are impressed that they would feel confident enough to introduce you to other people who are also in need of your services.

Other things to consider

There are other things which you are going to have to consider during your mobile welding business. One of such things would have to be meals. You could choose to get beverages and eat out on your breaks. You can actually choose to have a small refrigerator in your van or truck which would come in handy when you are really hungry.

Growing a mobile welding business takes time, but it is definitely worth the wait. With the right dedication, effort, and hard work, you would surely be able to hit the ground running. Your business would also surely expand and bring more blessings to you.